Academic Pressure: Can You Handle It?

More often than not, academic pressure weighs down on the students of Harborfields High School. Juggling between AP classes, sports, volunteering, student government, NHS, and so many other extra-curriculars, students deal with an incredible amount of stress.

But why do students stress this much? For a certain reason obvious to every student, the reason students are up all night studying for several tests, doing whatever they must to cram and get the information in.  The logic behind this? To get into the college of your dreams.

And just how much will a high school student endure for the cause? Harborfields Junior Maia Noah says, “People have really no idea what us as students go through anymore. The idea of staying up into the AM to study for a test is a very common thing for me and my friends. Some of my friends even run on coffee at this point. In a week, you have no idea how many tests and quizzes I stress about and have to deal with.”

That isn’t even the worst of it. It’s not uncommon for a high school junior or senior to report that they’ve had even a mental breakdown as a result of their impending school work.  Students, sadly, will often make bad decisions as a result of it. It’s not a foreign concept to hear of students who resorted to drugs to handle it.

Most students have to deal with additional problems or stressors on top of school, just making all issues worse. Whether it be family or friend problems, having an actual job outside of school, or sports, it makes the academic pressure feel much heavier--knowing every decision and grade makes a difference in whether you’ll get into that dream college or not.

At the end of the day, it’s what every high school student goes through, and you’re not alone! If things become overwhelming it’s important to ask for help. Friends, teachers, and guidance counselors are more than understanding. Academic pressure exists for every student but when things are feeling impossible, ask yourself, can you handle it?

Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque