Creative Writing is for Everyone

Most of the classes that a student takes in high school just adds more stress to their life. There are only a select few that allow students to do what they want to do and allow them to express their creative abilities. Most people think that art classes are the only classes that allow you to show who you truly are, but what if you’re not artistically gifted? Luckily for the students in Harborfields, there’s a class that we can take if we don’t want to take art: Creative Writing.

When a student takes creative writing they are able to express themselves with words, which is nice when someone is not the best artist. Not everyone can show their feelings through drawings or paintings, which is why creative writing is a really good class to take. Emily Redman says, “I love creative writing, I think it’s one of the best ways to express your feelings. I know I always personally feel better after I write.”

Creative writing is a class that does not only involve the creation of extensive stories. During the class students also learn to write different kinds of poems and how to create interesting stories from all different kinds of prompts. It seems that every area of literature is touched on, which allows students to extend their horizons beyond what they originally thought they liked.

With such a laid-back and warm environment, students feel as if they are able to share everything that they write and be able to improve it. Constructive criticism is given by peers on every project to make sure that each student is submitting a piece that is some of their best work. This also enables the student to get the best grade possible as long as they hand everything in on time.

Finally, many of the students that finish creative writing come away with more ideas than they started with. Students that enjoy writing are able to invent more ideas in their head than they have ever thought of before. It allows students to specialize in an area that they like. Sometimes this is not the area they intended to focus on , but it is one that had been introduced to them during class.

Creative Writing is a class  that should definitely be recommended to anyone that is interested in expanding their horizons when it comes to the field of writing.

Erin Tucker