HF Experience

There is nothing more important than these four years of your life (until the NEXT four years!! ;-). High school is very crucial for your education. Your high school experience will provide you with lots of wonderful life lasting memories.

To begin this experience, your first year of high school will be spent as a freshman. Although people may make you feel less of a high school student since you are a freshman, do not listen to them because it is a very fun, new, and exciting year. This is the year where you will first encounter your new school where you will spend the next four years of your life.

Even though you are the babies of the school you have lots of perks because everyone will respect that you are new to the environment. You will meet all the awesome teachers and figure out your way around the building. In no time, the T wing won't be as complex as it seems. You will get to experience your first homecoming and your first pep rally and all of the wonderful events we have here at Harborfields.

You will meet new friends and new people but don't become discouraged if they aren't your true friends because people change throughout the years and some people don't find there true friends until senior year of High School. There is definitely a big difference between the freedom in High School than Middle School. You become way more IN(?)dependant and you can do what you want. But take the right path and focus on your work because when you are applying for colleges you will look back and either regret, or be thankful for this year and the work that you as an individual put forward.

“Last year, when i was a freshman i was nervous at first but after i stepped into the building I immediately felt like i belong here because everyone was really accepting of us being new,” says Amanda Service, now a sophomore at Harborfields High School.

The next year is sophomore year. This is a very good year of High School because it is the last year before you start the whole college process with applications, and visits, and figuring out where you want to go and what you want to major in. I think of this year as the cream in the oreo cookie. You are right smack in the middle. You are no longer the youngest, and you are not the oldest and you are not working on college stuff. It is still encouraged that you look into college a little though so you are not going in completely blind folded  junior and senior year.

The one con of this year is that as a Sophomore you are required to take health class but a pro, is that you make flour babies and it is not all that bad in the end. The work load Sophomore year is in my opinion is  less than freshman year. “As a sophomore, i feel like i have more privileges since i am not the complete youngest in the school and the workload has lessened since freshman year.” says Caroline Kearney a current Sophomore at Harborfields High School.

Junior year. The most important year of your whole time here at Harborfields High school. The stress levels definitely rise this year so make sure you are supplied with lots of bath bombs and candles, some ed sheeran music and all the things that will help you with your stress. This year is very important for you to focus in more on your school work. Even though it's easy to prioritize other things you have to try to make school your top priority.

Junior year is also the year that you take your SAT’s and ACT’s so study hard and focus because those are very important tests and will reflect on you in the future! Also, it is very important that you see your guidance counselor a lot this year because you can really use their help when preparing. “Junior year is a very stressful year but i know it is all worth it and will pay off in the end” says current junior, Kimmy Wilkes.

And finally, the last, but most exciting year, senior year. It feels as if everybody awaits this year because you are the oldest in the school and have the most freedom. Aside from it being your last everything at Harborfields, you have many perks. Senior butler day, senior cut day, senior prank, and many more. In the beginning of the year you are still going to have to work on college stuff but once you commit to college you might catch a case of senioritis. Once the year is over you will graduate and the long lasting memories of Harborfields High School will forever remain.

Rebecca Interdonati