Step into HF's STUDIO of ART!

Studio art is a wonderful, creative, and unique program for the students at Harborfields high school. We are so lucky to be given the opportunity to have the chance to learn the basics on art and a first look at the world of art. Art is something you can keep with you for the rest of your life.

Lots of people wish they had this opportunity when they are older because drawing is very relaxing and an interesting skill that you can portray at any time. Learning art is almost like learning how to walk. You might be rough around the edges, but once you get the hang of it you will only get better from there and you will never forget how to do it.

The beauty of art is that it stays with you for your whole life. Studio art is generally a freshman class that is required for graduation, although if you can't take it freshman year you can take it any other year as long as you take it once throughout your high school career. We have 3 fantastic teachers for this class: Ms. DeVaney, Ms. Ritter, and Mr. Maravel.

In this class you will not only learn how to draw but you will learn how to shade, and draw the human face, and certain objects. Aside from these, there are many many more fantastic things that studio art has to provide for you. If you are lucky, for one unit your teacher will let you go outside and draw a scene from outside.

It is very relaxing to sit outside, enjoy all of nature's perfections, and draw for a period. Having studio art during the day is kind of like a stress reliever from all your other classes. “I had studio art in the middle of the day freshman year and it helped me clear my mind from anything stressful that was going on that day.” says Toniann Rizzuto a junior at Harborfields high school.  

Another interesting unit we do is drawing everyone in the class. Everyone will take a turn modeling for the class and the class will draw you and  your outfit that you wore that day.  You will stand carefully on a table with a blank sheet behind you and try your hardest not to move. You will learn how to draw all the facial features like eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and hands. You will also learn how to draw faces from different positions.

So, get creative and take in all the art and enjoy the beauty of studio art while you have it.

Rebecca InterdonatiArt