Debating Debate

If you’re looking for an elective to help you become a better public speaker and expose you to different opinions, debate is a great choice.  Debate teaches students how to express their ideas in a clear way, and makes students more comfortable when talking in front of an audience.  In debate, students take stands on important current events, such as the recent presidential election.    

According to Emily Redman, “people taking the elective can learn about new topics from others in the class while discussing their opinions and thoughts with the group.”

Marisa Singer’s favorite part of the class was “the discussion about which bathrooms transgender people should use. This is because I was passionate about this topic and was able to  discuss my feelings and listen to others.”  There are also impromptu debates, which make you think fast and come up with ideas off the top of your head.  Obviously, this is a great brain exercise for students to help them become quicker thinkers.

Elora Sherman, a past debate student, stated that “one of the most challenging things was a silent debate, in which only visual aids could be used to make your argument.  This forced  us  to communicate without talking.”

As you can see,  Debate helps students become more comfortable voicing their opinions respectfully among their peers.  This is an extremely important skill to have in daily life.


Cameryn Dondero