Snap into Photo Class

Along with many other electives that Harborfields offers, photography is a big part of the art classes. Taking pictures might not interest you as much as it does to others, this art course is a full year and you can take up to Photo 3 so if you take photography for 3 years you can accomplish all of those years and credits.

During your senior year you also have the option of taking AP art, this art course is a littler harder than other arts that you take throughout your high school career. When and if you choose to take AP art you get to choose what you want to take in it, you can choose to take photography, or any other drawing, painting or sculpture class just makes it a little more difficult.

You learn a lot in photography, you start off in Photo 1 learning about the basics of the camera that you use throughout the year. You learn the settings and how to take a picture on it, some people will know already going into this course how to take a picture on that type of camera but others are just starting out.

“I went into this class having no experience with cameras but I learned so much and it’s one of my favorite classes now,” says Elysia Roman a junior at Harborfields who’s in her second year of photo.  Throughout the year you gain knowledge about more than just the camera.

You are responsible for finishing multiple projects in photoshop. Photoshop helps you alter your pictures to anything you want. If the photo you took was in color you can change it to black and white, but you can also crop your picture or retouch  the parts that aren't as smooth or pretty as the other parts. As with any other class the more practice you get the easier it becomes and then you progress to the next level. When choosing electives next year consider taking photography you won't regret it!

Emily Dauth