If you’ve ever taken the SAT or ACT, you know the stress and pressure it causes. Testing like this has never been introduced before so this is why many high schoolers struggle with it. SAT and ACT tutoring has skyrocketed as admission requirements for colleges have raised and kids have increasing anxiety.

    The stress of these tests may be because if you don’t have your ideal High school gpa, the tests can counteract those grades and be the stepping stone to what gets you into the colleges you’d like.

    Tutoring companies such as Princeton Review are programs to help prepare students for these tests. They offer classes, one on one tutoring, PSATs and PACTs to all attempt to get these kids the highest grade they can.

    The tests are an estimated five hours of sitting in a classroom, it’s as if it is a mental endurance test alongside with knowing how to approach all the sections.

    Junior, Nichole Ferro said, “The SAT has been a huge stress for me this year. I have a tutor that has helped me a lot and I can’t wait to see my scores when they come out from the March test.”

    It’s that time of the year for all the Juniors to buckle down and do their best!


Alexis Tewksbury