How to End the Year Strong

Every school year winds down the same way. The building is weltering with heat and the A.C. is not there, it seems as if every other school except ours is done, and of course, the R word. Regents. It is very easy to get lazy toward the end of the year and not care as much because summer is right around the corner and everybody is having fun. As hard as it may be, keeping up with your hard work will make an impact for you in the end. Don’t get lazy and blow off all the dedicated work you’ve put in so far.. It is really important that you sprint to the finish line and end the year off strong.

    These few tips should help you to get through the schools challenges. One of the most simple things to do is to attend extra help. Although your schedule may be packed, your teachers are always there to help you and you can always find time to see them in the morning, during a free period or after school. If you talk to your teacher they will likely be flexible to your schedule.

“I honestly prefer not to go to extra help and I get really busy during the week with work but if there's something I don't understand then I go anyway because grades are important.” says Nicole Tenti a senior at Harborfields high school. This extra time spent with your teacher can boost up your average and also give you a clear understanding so utilize this opportunity .

    Regents are one of the hardest tests you will take during the year so studying for them a lot is really important. It might be distracting when you look outside and see the sun shining or see people from other schools already on break, but think about how worth it will be afterwards. You will not want to have to retake it so just focus for the first time.

“I have friends from other districts and I see them already on summer break and I just want to jump in the pool with them and not think about school but i can't because I still have to take all my regents” says Kimmy Wilkes a junior at Harborfields high school.

Another helpful tip is to  use all study skills like flash cards, a computer, or the library,

    If you are still having trouble, teachers for certain subjects hold regents review classes to help you. “I always go to those because they go over things i do not remember and they cover everything that they can which is a big help for the regents.” says Reagan Overeen a Junior at Harborfields.

So, end the year strong and don't give up. Summer is just around the corner!


Rebecca Interdonati