Harborfields Alumna Published a Book!

Whitney Gardner is Harborfields alumna who was an amazing art student when she went to school here. She took every art class available, “I took photography I, II, III, however many there were, I took them all, art studio, drawing & painting , sculpture,and computer art!”

She began writing novels in 2010, writing was a new adventure for her. She had always been comfortable and used to drawing & painting. “I hated writing in High School, so I needed to reteach myself”

Whitney recently published, “ You’re Welcome, Universe” after a long process of writing and getting her book approved to be published. In an Interview, she described the process of getting published.

“You have to write a whole book from start to finish, you can't just come up with an idea and ask them to create it. You have to make it the best version of that book possible, and then you find a literary agent, which is a representative, who goes around to the publishing offices, and says ‘I have this great book, you have to see it!’, then the agent shows it to editors at different publishing houses, and an editor says ‘I agree, this book is great’, then they take it to their boss and they also have to agree, then they finally decide to publish the book.”

Publishing is a hard process to go through because there is a lot of people that can turn a book down. Whitney Gardner has three full books, that she has written that are not published. She kept trying until she finally got published!

Her advice to Harborfields students is “Don’t give up, because it took me seven years, and if I had given up, it wouldn't have happened, and if you start something make sure you finish it.”

“You're Welcome, Universe” is her first published book, she put a lot of time and effort into making it perfect. Whitney Gardner is an inspiration to all Harborfields students, if you have a goal and you're determined enough to make it happen, it will happen.


Elysia Roman