Why Gym Is Awesome

You either love it, or you hate it and this topic can be very debatable amongst students. Aside from its flaws, I think it is important that gym class is required for students. There are many things that students do not like about this class, like having to change, participating in a sport that they are not good at, doing new things, or even just not having a friend that you always hang out with in that class. These are all small things that can be easily resolved between the students and teachers so they can get the best out of the class. One reason gym should be essential for students is because it is a great way to get exercise during the week. Students are so busy with school work, jobs, sports, clubs and a lot of other afterschool activities that they cannot find the time to get exercise. Having this class is almost a way of forcing kids to be more active and it is a set time where they know they can dedicate to working out.

“I come home from school and  have so much homework and work  5-9pm on top of that and it’s just hard to set aside even an hour of time for working out because I am so busy” ,says Nicole Tenti a senior at Harborfields High School. Also, local gyms can often be expensive and not everyone can afford them so going to a gym class is free for everyone and students will get a lot out of it.  

During the school day, students can find themselves in a bundle of stress. Classes require a lot of thinking and a lot of work. There is a bunch of pressure from teachers and even friends. Having a class that you know you can go to and not think about any school work is a great refresher for students. You can always decompress during that period and have a break. Also, doing physical activity can help get your blood flowing more and make you more alert for your next class and maybe even the rest of the day. “I am always buried with stress in the beginning of the day with all of my classes and it is nice to come to gym and just relax and get all of my stress and energy out and when I Go to my next class I Feel renewed and it feels like I Have a fresh start” , says Caroline Kearney a sophomore at Harborfields High School.

A big reason why students do not like going to gym is because they don't have any friends in the class or they aren't the best at the unit they are doing. It is always good to participate because you can find a hidden talent and maybe develop a desire to want to try out for that sports team at school. The more you participate you will be open to making more friends by the end of the year. “I’m not the best at gym but the teachers always encourage us to stay off our phones and participate and I end up just having a good time with my friends and don’t even really think about the sport” , says Kimmy Wilkes, a junior at the high school. So, put your sneakers on and have a wonderful gym experience.


Rebecca Interdonati