Needing More Time


    At Harborfields High School, the bell interval time is five minutes up until 11:28. After sixth period, the time goes down to four minutes. This has become a real problem and teachers are cracking down on students for constantly being late. School policy calls for three lates to the same class in a quarter to result in a detention, but the school making the bell time shorter is the reason students are late to class.            It is much harder to not be tardy in the afternoon since students only have four minutes to cross the school if they need. Junior Nichole Ferro stated, “ I need to cross from the T-wing to the 100 wing in the afternoon and it is becoming harder to be on time. My teacher is understanding that it is difficult to make it on time but it is still a stressful situation.”                                Another junior Julianna Greene said, “I was at two tardies, one away from a detention so I stayed after class and talked to my teacher. She became very understanding of the problem which I was very appreciative of.”

Some teachers don’t walk in the halls during the time the students do between bells and get to experience how slow the other students walk. It’s a difficult problem to fix since this has been the bell schedule for quite some time now, but something that can be changed is the school policy of detention if students are late only for having to walk a long way.


Alexis Tewksbury