How to Conquer the Regents

As the school year comes to an end, the word that all new yorkers dread and hate to hear- regents- slithers its way into our schedules. We all work as hard as we possibly can during the whole school year and then it all comes down to these brutally time consuming state tests.

    The sun outside is shining and summer is staring you right in the face you just wanna be free already. “It's so agitating when other schools are done already and on vacations tanning but then there's us stuck inside with state testing” says Junior, Emily Dauth.

    As dreadful and torturous as it is, these few simple tips should help you kick those regents down the drain and never have to take them again so you can go on with your relaxing summer.

    One simple, logical tip to follow that can psychologically help you out a lot is to shut the blinds so you can’t see the sun and the summer sky. Then, crank the ac so you feel cool and can get the concentration flowing in your brain.” It is so tempting to just lay outside and tan and forget about all my work but i have to force myself to work because i know summer is on it's way.” Says Junior, Reagan Overeem.

    When studying for big tests like these a break is needed. Your brain needs a break and if you continuously work you will tire out your brain and studying won't be as efficient. So, why not do it in a fun way? After doing a certain amount of practice reward yourself by jumping in the pool and going for a dip for a few minutes. Or make a smoothie and relax until you have the power to study again. “I always take breaks when i study because if i don’t then i get too tired to do anything and my brain shuts down.” says Junior Olivia White.

    Lastly, just simply make sure you know the information that will be on the test. As tempting as it may be, do not cram it all in one day or night. If you really understand the knowledge of the test and reviewed all there is to know, you can conquer that test.

    So study hard, rest up, and summer will be right around the corner, waiting for you.


Becca Interdonati