Ap Stress

As the crude month of May approaches us, many Juniors, Seniors and even Sophomores prepare for the dreaded Ap tests. The long nights, the cramming of multiple chapters, and the studying vocab words is more than stressful for everyone. So as the days approach us, how do we prepare for these tests? We asked Junior, Alexa Pizzonia, and she said, “I try to find the best review book to use, and read it from cover to cover. I highly recommend “5 steps to a 5”, because it really goes through all the material and it makes me feel like prepared for my exam.” Sofia Braunstein, another Junior, responded and said that she uses her old notes, and goes to all the review classes that her teachers have to offer.

Ap Environmental teacher, Mr.Khan, has been teaching his ap class for 17 years and mentions that, after years of experience he knows the material better, and knows where students have difficulty understanding the concepts. He also mentions that, “It helps you over the years learn how to better explain things to students.”

The stress that is experienced during the two weeks of Ap testing isn’t just being experienced for the students it’s being endured by the teachers as well. Mr.Flynn, a 12th grade english teacher said that, “ Since they’re missing class, it’s on them to take the initiative to find out what they’re missing and make up. If they do that, I don’t have a problem at all, but if I have to chase them around it gets kind of difficult.” He continues to mention that although he has students that miss his class because of the exams it allows him to work with those individually.

Taking an Ap exam as a senior though probably has the most advantages. Senior, Kate Tardo, states, “Because I have been taking Aps since sophomore year, I know how much time it takes to prepare, so I’m not cramming or stressed before the tests.” Kate is taking five more ap’s this year which makes it a total of ten. Kate also mentions that, “Using the actual Ap books has helped me with classes like WHAP, APES, and APUSH.”

Yes, the stress can take over, but it does have its advantages. With applying for colleges, ”AP classes will raise the “wow” factor of a student’s high school record”, says Studypoint.com. Doing well on the Ap exams tells the colleges that you are ready for the pressure and responsibility of college. The classes sharpen your skills, and prepares you for the challenges and hardship that is involved with being a college student. We wish everyone good luck with your exams and happy studying!!                

Olia Lantier