Reunited With Orchestra

As the new school year kicks off, classes and extracurriculars are in full swing. All music programs have began to prepare new music for the year. This includes Harborfields High School’s very own orchestra.

Orchestra teacher, Mr. Walter, has already began to dive into to the new music, and is very excited for this upcoming year. He has a good feeling about the group this year, and doesn't expect anything less than amazing. With high expectations, Mr. Walter wants to show the new freshman that this drastic jump from middle school orchestra to the high school orchestra, isn’t as scary as it seems, and all the high school students are very welcoming to the new students.

New Senior, Gianna Masi, is very animate about playing in the Orchestra this year, and is thrilled to be first chair this year. “I’m very excited to be back in Orchestra, and I think this year is gonna be one of the best!”

Students and teacher all alike are excited to see what the orchestra has to offer this school year.  Before we know it, concerts will be right around the corner.

Lily Lockwood