A new course at HF is taking students by storm

A new course has sprung up at the high school and it has students talking, literally. Contemporary Issues is a brand new class that has students look up current events and have a discussion about these issues not only impacting our country, but the world.

A class designed to allow for all viewpoints, from the left and right, it creates an open dialog between both the students and the teacher, Ms. DaSilva. Contemporary issues has students research current events, and each week have a few students share and discuss these important issues.

The class dives even deeper by examining how, historically, the event or issue came to be.

“I want them to want to know what has lead up to the events in our world. I want them to have an understanding that nothing has happened in a vacuum. There's always been a buildup there are things that happened before that impacted what we're seeing on the television today”, said Ms. DaSilva when asked about the main objective of the class.

To sign up for Contemporary Issues, see your guidance counselor and ask about availability next semester.  




Kevin Ries