Midterm Stress

As midterm week approaches at Harborfields High School, stress and tension within students and teachers are raised. Many students, have various midterms scheduled on several days, whether it be in class or scheduled for the gymnasium.

Having to juggle half a year of information for several classes is never easy. Nothing is more stressful than a test of material you’re expected to already know. Students have already begun flipping through old notebooks and filling out review sheets to do their best on upcoming assessments.

However, some students, more than others, don’t cope well with all of this stress, and it is displayed through their poor sleep, abuse of caffeine, poor mood, low energy, and or upset stomach.  

Although it is crucial to perform your best on all your exams, there is no reason to let them drive you crazy. There are several ways to make sure you’re taking care of yourself during these high stress times and it’s best to take advantage of these methods: breathing exercises, yoga, spending time with family and friends, and just laugh!

You can find the midterm week schedule online or ask your teachers! Good luck this midterm season!

Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque