The Importance of Electives

It is so important to take electives seriously throughout high school and try as many as you can. Electives help you widen your horizons and become more aware of jobs that you can pursue in the future. These classes reveal the skill sets of certain students that might not be obvious in their other classes, helping them see their strengths and providing them with opportunities to be of value to their other classmates.

Our high school alone offers many electives that can help us discover things that you enjoy. Your electives can be based on your interests or you can just take a random class for fun. You could be surprised how much you might like it. Many people have the constant stress of not knowing what they want to be when they grow up and oftentimes feel the need to explore programs they may be interested in. Electives help you uncover career choices that are for you. It is important to try as many electives as you can throughout high school. When interviewing sophomore, Victoria Bell, she said, “Electives are helpful, because they allow students to learn about an area of a subject that may interest them and be different from the standard math, science, English, global fields. They also are a break from the difficulties of other classes and let the student have fun and it lets them boost their overall average.”

The HF tornado news team is a powerful program that gives students a hands on experience with advanced programs and writing. Journalism is a prime example of what electives offer. When interviewing Mr. Ambrosio, the teacher of journalism he said, “The journalism program is a student centered program which puts students in charge of decision-making and empowers them to develop a wide array of skills and talents to produce a wide portfolio of work.” Any elective that you take can impact you and give you the confidence in making future career decisions.

When interviewing Maia Noah, a former HF student and member of journalism, she describes the journalism elective, “If it wasn’t for Mr. Ambrosio and the journalism program that he helped to build, I don’t think I would have found a passion for journalism. Going into college with experience on adobe premiere, in-design, and experience on air has allowed me to get into many great opportunities in the park school of communications.” Electives like these can change the way students represent themselves and teaches them basic skills to help them in the future.

High school is a great time for students to explore and find things that they love. Electives are fun classes that can help you discover yourself and become knowledgeable in certain topics. Take electives seriously throughout high school and try as many as possible. Some electives may even be the highlight of your high school career. You will never know what you might love to do if you never try it.

Lili Noah