The Effects of Homework on Students

Many teachers often flood our after school lives with an abundance of homework that is intolerable. After school often times people want to relax from their hard days but later find that impossible when they open up their agendas from that past school day.

In a survey I conducted to interview a group of students based on the controversial topic that is often questioned, “Do teachers give too much homework?” 48/50 agreed that teachers do. With only 2 students saying that teachers don’t give enough homework. The fact that so many students say that teachers give too much homework shows that most of them are stressed because of all the work they are given and don’t have much time to enjoy things that they would be doing to make them happy. When I asked the question to students they hardly even had to think before they said, “ Yes, I have too much homework.” After they said they did have too much homework I often asked, “Has this caused stress to your everyday life?” and the answer kept on being the same repetitive answer, “Yes.” Even after researching I have found that the majority of the results from surveys on this topic are exactly like mine.

When interviewing student, Gavin Storch, he said, “Teachers give more than enough homework, as students we already have so many things going on after school, and all the extra homework causes unneeded stress and anxiety.” While this is not a survey telling teachers to stop giving homework, it is simply showing that too much homework is stressful for all students, no matter what. Homework is a good tool to keep students engaged in what they learned in school that specific day, but too much of anything is unhealthy. After a long day of school many students want to do what they love and have time for themselves, every teacher should be able to award them this time.

When interviewing student, Jackie Bohk, she said, “ I think teachers give enough homework. Often times students are taking honors or AP classes which require a lot of work to begin with. Many times teachers are often inconsiderate with the amount of homework and overall work they give.” When teachers give too much homework that students find it impossible to do anything else, the students become miserable, anxious and stressed. Many students will often lose a healthy amount of sleep because of all the homework they are given. Many students often times will feel more positive about their homework if they can complete it in a reasonable amount of time. When teachers overload students with homework they end up rushing through it and not completing it to the best of their ability.

When interviewing student, Allison Brown, she said, “Sometimes it’s actually more harmful than helpful to give us a load of work to do. Homework that is just busy work and lacks educational value is a waste of time that takes away from crucial time needed for studying.” But while school is important, it’s crucial that we take a break from our education. Multiple studies have found that most students are getting too many extra assignments, leading to sleep deprivation, unhealthy levels of stress, and other related health problems. Stress can be a serious issue in many students lives. Stress leads to unhappiness and can prevent students from living a happy and healthy life. Sleep deprivation is not a joke and is extremely unhealthy to students because it leads to a lack of energy and sometimes a lack of growth, if they are still growing.

Lili Noah