Why Should You Listen to Instrumental Music?

In the wide world of entertainment, a category much overlooked is the instrumental music category. Many teenagers seem to brush past this type of music because of the connection to classical music created by famous composers like Mozart or Bach, who tend to have a negative connotation to modern teens.

So every now and then instead of listening to Cardi B or Drake,ndulge in some wonderful Alexandre Desplat, Mark Isham, John Williams, or Jeremy Zuckerman.

If those names sound familiar, that's because they are the composers of famous movie and television soundtracks! Alexandre Desplat and John Williams are the composers of music from the iconic Harry Potter series and John Williams also composed the soundtrack of Star Wars!

So what benefits does instrumental music provide? Well, for starters studies show that listening to instrumental music reduces stress levels and can decrease your blood pressure, thus making your heart healthier!

As a teenager taking AP classes and honors classes, just a little reduced stress from listening to a beautifully composed three-minute song goes a long way. Lifehack.org says, “...it has a tremendous effect on mood and stress, and has been proven to have the same physiological effects as a massage.”

Instrumental music can also spark creativity. This is helpful in today's world where everyone is trying to stand out; a small boost in creativity can be very successful!

This category of music also has been shown to fight depression as instrumental music strengthens the mind. With these types of benefits, I’m surprised we’re all not jamming out to some Harry Gregson-Williams (composer of the Narnia series soundtrack).

According to Takelessons.com it says that instrumental music, “...can help increase dopamine secretion, which activates the brain’s reward and pleasure center. In fact, a 2013 study found that music can help put people in a better mood.”

As an avid listener to instrumental pieces, I can definitely say that just listening to a short song immediately brightens my day. Student Ella Lau says, “I personally love the Game of Thrones soundtrack. It’s so good! I like listening to it when I do my homework because it makes me more focused.”

The benefits of instrumental music are great for your average student and even your everyday worker! So put down the heavy metal music and pick up some instrumental pieces; it may just improve your life!

Isabella Mule