As the juniors are starting their college visits and testing, the seniors are preparing to start new adventures and challenges for the next 4 years of their lives. With the daunting deadline of May 1st, it is important to prepare for college and the adjustments that you will face in your freshman year of college. Here are some tips that you may find helpful when preparing for your new college journey. As said by John Maxwell, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

    Firstly, one of the most important ways to prepare is to study hard and keep your brain active. Although senioritis may be taking over, if you keep doing work to your best ability it will be easier once you get to college. It is almost guaranteed that the workload will be much more challenging so you should always be proactive with school work. If you don’t keep up with your work it may be a rude awakening for you so it's best to avoid that. When asking Andrea Harvey if she feels prepared for college she responded with, “I feel very prepared and I am ready to move on to a new chapter of my life and face all the challenges.”

    Make sure you have all the proper equipment you will need. Whether it is the proper computer or the type of clothing that best fits the climate, it is always best to come prepared with the right stuff. If your school is in a cold place make sure to have a reliable jacket so you're not shivering on the way to class! However, if it is in a warm place then you should have lots of sun lotion and tank tops! Every school has a website so you should see what they expect of you to have depending on your major and courses.

Time management is an important skill to use not just in college but in your everyday life. In high school you are expected to be in your classes before the bell rings and you have to manage your hallway time. If you have a job or after school activities you have to plan when you will leave so that you are there with enough time. When asking Jillian Mcguire about time management she replied with, “I have learned to manage my time in because after school I have a lot of things to do and have to balance doing my school work with sports and other things.”

It is something you should start to get the hang of now because it has a professional impact to be on time. It is very similar in college; you have to manage what time to wake up to get to class. Depending on the size of the campus you may need to wake up earlier so you have enough time to walk to class or catch a bus. Since you won’t have a parent to constantly nagging you have to be able to make wise decisions on your own. If you know you have a huge test the next day it’s okay to say no to your friends.

If you are living on campus then you should find out what you can and can’t have in your dorm. Lots of schools ban things and it is important you know what so you don’t get in trouble.

If you follow all these rules you are ready to go and start the next chapter of your life.


Rebecca Interdonati