Tips for a Freshman from a Sophomore

As the school year is beginning, there is a lot of stress for incoming freshman and in reality all of us. There are so many things to do in high school that you can never get bored. You always have to try new things and communicate with your peers and teachers. As a freshman it is extremely important to make new friends and make relationships with your teachers.

Sophomore, Natalie Pedrazzi with Kathryn Peterson, Grace Quigley, and Riley Maguire

Sophomore, Natalie Pedrazzi with Kathryn Peterson, Grace Quigley, and Riley Maguire

In high school, a very important part of everyday is your participation in class. Participation can make or break your average so do not forget to raise your hand and get involved in class discussions. Communication is also a huge factor in high school. Don’t worry if you are stressed or having a hard time in certain classes, teachers will always talk to you and give you tips to make high school easier. Go to extra help if you are having trouble with a topic. Every teacher will make time for you and there is no reason to feel funny asking.

One sophomore, Kieran Tully  said, “Clubs help you improve friendships and surrounds you with students and teachers that can help you do what you love. I was in the journalism Club and it helped me explore the field and make me love it even more.” Joining clubs is a great way to open your connections through the school and it is always so easy to incorporate what you love into the club you are taking.

Don’t forget to go to pep rally, homecoming, and all the events that happen at school because those nights and afternoons at the school are going to be your most memorable days as a freshman. Everything is new and exciting, so stay positive and you will love freshman year.

Lili Noah