The Balance Between Academics and School Sports

When it comes to high school sports there is always this tough balance between doing well in school and doing well on the field with your team. As a student athlete your day usually goes something like this:You go to school until 2:20. Then, you have practice that starts around 3.  practice usually runs until 5 or 5:30. You get home around 6, you shower, you eat, then you go to sit down and study your school work but you realize there is one problem. All you want to do is lay in your bed and sleep, but you have to find a way to get the energy to get your work done and prepare for all of your tests. You do this day in and day out.

How do all these athletes in Harborfields manage to get exceptional grades and also bring home titles for their school? I stopped to talk to the captain of the golf team and member of the basketball team, Eric Werbisky, who revealed, “For me it has always been about time management, I had a routine that I followed everyday and it worked out for me really well.” Eric, who is also the senior class president is just one of many students to demonstrate their tremendous ability to manage their time on a nightly basis. . Eric is just one of the many examples of student athletes at Harborfields to demonstrate this. The past school year all of our Harborfields sports teams except football and cheer managed to earn the all scholar award. This is a prestigious academic award which is received by teams that manage a 90 or higher overall team GPA.  Balancing sports and academics during the school year is challenging but as shown by our sports teams it is something that all of us can do.

The discipline that is required by these student athletes is impeccable which shows what a great group of student athletes the Harborfields school district brings year in and year out. As school starts up, these athletes have to get back into their routines to keep that same work ethic that has come to be expected of the Harborfields student athlete.             

Ryan Rittberger