Key Club

    Harborfields has many clubs that not every student knows about; key club is one of them. It is run by one of the biology teachers here, Dr. Kalvar. In this club you participate in a lot of community service along with gaining a bunch of new friends in the club.

This past weekend on Sunday, March 26th Dr. Kalvar and many of the club members were outside of the Northport stop and shop collecting food for a food drive. This club tries their best to try and participate in everything that the community does along with other things that they organize themselves.

Supervisor Dr. Kalvar gives back a lot to her community to help everyone in need and this club is just one of the many ways that he does so.

Junior, Lauren Hansen said “It's not a club i heard a lot about until this year. I had Dr. Kalvar for biology last year and she told me about it so this year i decided to join. We get to help people in need while having fun doing it.”

Joining this club is one of the many things you can do as a Harborfields student. Juniors who are starting the college process and seniors who just finished it will both tell you that when applying for colleges they ask for many things, including the extracurricular activities you participated in in high school.

Adding key club to that list is a good idea. Colleges will see that you participated in school activities and helped out your community as well.

Emily Dauth