What Fashion Says About YOU!

Fashion has been a prominent part of our society for as long as we can remember. What makes fashion so compelling, is how unique it is and how every person has a different way of expressing themselves based on what they wear. If we all dressed the same way, the world of fashion wouldn’t be nearly as gripping as it is today.

Although, unfortunately society has created this cruel and judgmental definition of “perfect” and how you should dress, fashion is still able to be unique and inspiring in many ways. It is interesting to see the way people dress and how they act correlate. As said by Gianni Versace, “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are.” Even with the way society has high standards and expectations, people are to put a spin on how they dress and differentiate themselves from everyone else.

While dressing can tell a lot about a person, it is easy to categorize them under societies harsh stereotypes which are often false. When discussing stereotyping with senior, Reagan Overeem, she stated, “You can’t judge a book by it's cover. Everyone has their own way of dressing and that says a lot but sometimes people have a hard day and the way they dress can alter based on how they are feeling so you can’t always jump to conclusions about people.”

    While it is clear that the clothing somebody has on can help you to get a better idea of that person's mood, believe it or not the color of someone's clothing can say a lot as well. For example, while the color black is associated with grief and mourning, it is also very symbolic of power, strength, and elegance. The color brown can be seen as a grounded color, like the soil of the earth. People who wear brown can be seen as reliable and smart such as a UPS driver. Yellow is a color that represents serenity and happiness. It is a bright and cheerful color that can act as a mood booster and help you remain confident throughout the day.

     A study showed that when waitresses were serving in different color shirts, men were more generous in leaving higher tips to the waitresses dressed in red opposed to other colors. However, this did not change the way females were tipping.

When asking Jillian Mcguire what her favorite color to wear is she replied with “I like wearing blue clothes. I think it goes well with my hair color and it is such a cool color that you can match with a lot of things.”

    Certain accessories can say a lot as well. People who wear watches can be seen as sophisticated and able to manage time. People who wear lots of jewelry can be seen as fancy and put together.

    As said by American fashion designer and writer, Rachel Zoe, “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” It is important to dress the way that pleases not society, but you as an individual. So, don't be afraid to show off your unique style and clothes.


Becca Interdonati