Hype Night Thursday Night

While it is very true that plenty of school-spirited events go on here at Harborfields, sometimes we could use a bit more HF Pride. That’s why the Leadership Class and Student Government have organized “Hype Night,” an event that will bring the HFamily together, even in the cold, dead of winter.

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Christina Kohl
HF's Very Own ESPN

When students walk down the long hallway that leads towards the math/foreign language wing, practically everyone looks to their right staring into a glass window room filled with cameras and computers alike. What they do not know, however, is all the work that is being done in that room, and what it produces. The Harborfields Tornado News Team is viewed as one of the most interesting clubs that resides within Harborfields High School, but it seems as if not everyone is aware of what it is that they actually do.

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Vincent AmbrosioComment