Hype Night Thursday Night

While it is very true that plenty of school-spirited events go on here at Harborfields, sometimes we could use a bit more HF Pride. That’s why the Leadership Class and Student Government have organized “Hype Night,” an event that will bring the HFamily together, even in the cold, dead of winter.

So what exactly is Hype Night? For the first time in a while, both the girls and boys varsity basketball teams will be playing games, on the same night, at home. This occurrence was a perfect generator of spirit, a great way to kick the school year back into excessive amounts of green and white.

In order to make students really feel  a part of this night, leaders of HF have decided to turn it into something that can benefit everyone. Yes, not all students at Harborfields play basketball or like to watch it; but all students do like shortened periods during the day. What better way to raise HF Pride then to hold an event in the gym during the actual school day? During eighth and ninth period, all students and staff must attend the gym and take part in the first half of “Hype Night.” Once again, what exactly will go on?

HF is taking a risk by starting this new tradition, and the seniors especially want to execute this night in order to leave a mark on HF.

Students have the ability to sign up at the Wall of Scholars eighth and ninth period to play in a basketball-related game. Students can sign up for the $100 shot, sharks and minnows, or knockout.

Better yet, the Leadership class has asked teachers to get involved as well. Imagine watching your favorite teacher dribble as fast as they can across the court? There’s more; six staff will play in a three v. three game. Things are going to get really interesting and exciting, for both those playing and those watching.

Senior Michael Greaves helped coordinate “Hype Night” and he says, “I think this is going to be a really cool thing for HF, because it has never been done before and we seniors can leave a legacy.”

Leadership teacher Mr Taylor tells his class, “we need to take risks,and this can be something that sticks at HF if we get everyone possible involved.”

The main focus of “Hype Night” is to bring the HFamily together. That is why after all of the basketball-related games in the school are done, we advise kids to walk to town. But we don’t encourage them to go to town for a slice of pizza and then go home. We want them to come back and watch the varsity girls and boys play. This migration to town acts as a break from hanging out in the gym - the goal is for every student at HF to come back, and support our players once they play East Islip!

Senior Maria Panettieri informs, “being a part of both Leadership and Student Government, I love watching as more and more students and staff commit to something new. I really want our school to keep running this event every year in the future, even if it doesn’t work out that both the girls and boys teams play at home on the same night.”

That is exactly the other important focus of “Hype Night.” Starting something new, carrying out a lot of HF Pride, and generating school spirit. The seniors deserve to leave a significant mark on Harborfields High School after all the work that has been put in.

Christina Kohl