Playfest 2019


PlayFest is this Friday and Saturday at 7:00p.m.
Tickets will be sold Wednesday- Friday during lunch periods and at the door for $10, but for free, Scroll down for info on the plays!


The freshmen present Locked by Moore Theobald, where four friends are locked in an escape room due to a nefarious plot. With only one hour before a surprise party for their friend, they must work together to solve clues quickly in order to save a friendship.


The sophomore’s play, Frisk, by Emily Noden. Long ago a war broke out between humans and monsters. After long and horrific battles, the humans were victorious. Many years later, a child named Frisk fell into a crevasse in Mt. Ebott and discovers the monsters in their oppressed state. Frisk must escape the underground and reunite with her family. Follow Frisk on her quest as she battles, shows mercy, and journeys through the underground.


Check out the junior play: What Could Go Wrong by Alex Bram & Maddie Johnston.  The actors of the musical, Showtime, are about to start the show. They drink some juice as part of their pre-show tradition for good luck, but it has been poisoned!  The stage crew has to fix this mess and perform the show themselves as they try to solve the mystery of who poisoned the actors. What could go wrong? Everything. Everything could go wrong


Watch out for the seniors, as the look to take home the top prize this year with Side Effects by Alli Magnus.  Norman Hyde creates an experiment for his schools science fair but when it goes horribly wrong and ends up becoming a living creature, it is up to Norman and this quirky cast of characters to save the science fair from destruction!