Stan Lee: Real Life Hero

The death of the beloved Stan Lee rocked the comic world yesterday and people are devastated. He was a talented American comic book writer, editor, producer, and publisher. He was famous for being the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, a company with huge success, bringing in nearly 6  million dollars this year alone. Stan Lee later became Marvel’s publisher and chairman, leading its expansion and turning a small company into a large multimedia corporation.
Lee's first superhero co-creation was the Destroyer, from Mystic Comics #6 in August of 1941. Later on, in the 50’s Lee would continue on to create the Fantastic Four and the Avengers with the help of co-creator Jack Kirby. The two initially created these groups to help compete against DC comics, who had just released their superhero group The Justice League.  Victoria Nordin feels that, “It is because of Lee’s characters that Marvel has found such success.”

Lee’s new characters were a big hit because, unlike superheros before, his had flaws. Heroes were no longer depicted as perfect people, but were humane and had issues like the everyday man. This made them more relatable and likable.

    In later years, Lee became a figurehead and a public face for Marvel Comics. He traveled around the country attending comic book conventions, lectured at colleges and participated in panel discussions. From there Lee continued to publish new characters, work on several different projects, and slowly shaped the comic industry into what it is today. “I have Stan Lee to thank for most of my childhood, honestly,” said JJ Desidario after receiving the news about Stan’s death.

More recently Lee has become well known for his cameos and small appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Alex Kropp, a marvel fanatic, said earlier today that he, “Looks forward to Lee’s appearance each time a new movie premieres.” Many fans feel this way and have been deeply affected by his recent passing.

Every celebrity makes an impact on the world in some way, whether it be positive or negative is up to them. Stan Lee was passionate, caring, and inspiring to not only his fans but towards each and every person he worked with. In his 95 years on earth Lee was able to live out his dreams and accomplished more than he could have ever imagined. And for that the world is thankful.

So next time you find yourself watching a Marvel movie, watch out for the elderly man in glasses and slicked white hair. You couldn’t be watching without him.

Sarah DeVito