A Norovirus spreads through shelters after deadly California fire

Recently, as many of you may already know, a devastating wildfire called “Camp Fire” struck California and killed 76 people and left 1,276 unaccounted.

Just when things seemed like they couldn’t get worse, the survivors of the deadly Camp Fire are being hit with a terrible norovirus in the shelters in which they are staying. According to the Butte County Public Health Department, there are 145 people who have been affected. Those who have been affected by this illness are experiencing vomiting and/or diarrhea.

The Health Department also said that the number of infected people is increasing every day and of those affected, 25 have already been sent to the hospital for medical support. This huge outbreak has been confirmed and identified as Norovirus by the Butte County public health laboratory.

The Norovirus is said to be highly contagious and essentially unpreventable since there are no vaccines against it and there is no medication to take to recover from it. This virus spreads through contact, such as touching surfaces, eating or drinking contaminated foods or liquids, and coming near an affected person.

It is said that this virus lasts typically from 1-3 days, but the victims of this virus are still highly contagious for up to 48 hours after they have recovered.

I think student Milena Alertson speaks for all of us when she says “This is terrible. It’s like these people just can’t catch a break. My hopes and prayers go to them during these awful times.”

Sophia DiPrima