Simone Biles Dominates Competition with Kidney Stones

Recently, Simone Biles dominated at the 2018 World Championship despite her injuries. After being in severe pain in her right abdomen for hours, she rushed to the hospital and the doctors uncovered kidney stones.

Despite the pain, she was relieved it wasn’t appendicitis. That would have required immediate surgery, which would have meant there was no chance at competing the next day. With doctors approval, she made the decision to compete at the World Championship.

Simone proved herself to be an extraordinary athlete and took the competition by storm, taking home six medals, and placing gold in the team final, the all-around, floor, and the vault. Biles also placed bronze on beam, and silver on uneven bars, which is typically her weakest routine.

Biles reassured her fans the night before the competition, tweeting, “We will deal with it after world championships! fingers crossed it stays okay!!!" Simone didn’t seem too worried about her kidney stones, and put gymnastics and her team first.

Simone’s dedication to gymnastics is admirable. She is one of the few athletes that could push through this type of pain for her team, fans, and coaches. Sophomore, Ciana Massaria, described Simone Biles as, “Hard-working and dedicated. She’s an inspiration to so many gymnasts.” She lived up to her expectations of being an unstoppable athlete at the competition.

Mackenzie Jones