Facebook's Congressional Hearing

It started when “For five hours, Democrats and Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee took turns swiping at Zuckerberg, holding him to ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions and frequently cutting him off -- a tactic that at times appeared to frustrate the Facebook co-founder. "According to the Washington Post the hearing with Zuckerberg appeared to be answering questions with odd expressions.  


“Even as he apologized for the mishap and other recent troubles at Facebook... lawmakers repeatedly expressed doubt that the social giant could fix its troubles on its own – and threatened to regulate the company and its tech industry peers.”


This is troubling considering the government is perceived to have a hands off policy towards business management, yet the perseverance of internet privacy and personal data rights is a vital issue and may supersede this policy and cause government regulatory actions.


The hearing included congress questions about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This included Facebook leaking private Facebook data to Cambridge contractors and employees who intended to sell the data to political campaigns to target possible voters.


Statements from Congress:  “Opening the session, the House panel’s leader, Republican Rep. Greg Walden (Ore.), called Facebook an “American success story.” But he added: “While Facebook has certainly grown, I worry it has not matured. I think it is time to ask whether Facebook may have moved too fast and broken too many things.


This showing the government's overall lack of trust in the fidelity of tech companies with access to users private information. Mark Zuckerberg


Guy Davis