13 Reasons Why Season Two: What Comes Next?

The hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why was announced for a second season earlier this year, but now, everyone is wondering: what will come next? The series, is based off the now ten year old book by Jay Asher. It is clearly a hit, after being picked up by Netflix. The story of Hannah Baker — the girl who winds up killing herself, after many small tragedies that begin to pile up on top of her — was completely covered in season one. For now, everything for this new and upcoming season is under wraps.


13 Reasons Why has had very controversial reactions, due to its sensitive subject matter that is covered during the duration of thirteen episodes. However, fans quickly fell in love with its relatable characters, incredible plot twists, and deep and relevant issues. Many people found it easier to discuss issues that often, are not mentioned a lot by schools, and in general conversations. The show allowed its fans to see, these topics are not, and should not be taboo.


Some news outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, interviewed the show’s creator Brian Yorkey for his opinion on season two beginning production and filming. Yorkey told the Los Angeles Times, “Hannah’s story isn’t over — she has parents who still don’t have the complete story”.


Fans are excited to see what will happen next with these characters, and are hopeful for the new plot points that will be covered throughout the next season.


However, due to Northern California’s recent forest fire epidemic, the filming has gone on a temporary hiatus, in order to keep the actors in this show safe.


The show, will still be premiering sometime in 2018, and the wait will definitely be worth it.

Alexandra Palmieri