Stranger Things Two: Is it as good as the first?

Stranger Things recently debuted on October 27th, with nine episodes. Fans got to choose if they wanted to binge watch it, or if they wanted to watch it at their own pace. Junior, Alexandra Palmieri, personally decided to binge watch the show.


Alexandra said she, “couldn’t stop after the first episode.” She has already been asking about a season three. Stranger Things has brought out so many emotions in people everywhere. In particular, episode eight was definitely one to make people spread some tears. Alexandra said “I got attached to a lot of the characters. Whenever they got hurt, I felt hurt too.”


When I asked Alexandra if she thought the second season was as good as the first she said, “yes” claiming “it never fails to bring unexpected twists and turns that the viewers would never expect.”


Stranger Things brings different aspects together to create in Alex’s opinion “the perfect show.” For example, there is quite a lot of romance. There is an obvious love triangle between Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan, as well as relationship between Mike and Eleven, and in season two a potential relationship between Lucas and Max, the newest member of the cast.


There is also a new love interest for Joyce. Joyce throughout the new season and the previous season has gone through a great deal of traumatic experiences. Her new love interest is there to help ease her mind. All the love in the show is motivation for all of the character to keep fighting. There is a lot of love between Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. Each of them thinks in a different way, and when they come together they often solve problems.


The boys give each other a support system. The Duffer brothers did a great job with their characterization. There is always at least one character you can see yourself in. Although the show is fiction, the way it’s written gives it a sense of reality. Season two created new friendships between characters that didn’t get the chance to become friends in season one. You also are going to see many relationships be put to the test. Each episode gives a new set of  important information, and each episode will leave you with suspense. Season Two definitely lived up to our expectations.

Sophia De Matteo