Should Logan Paul Be Kicked Off Youtube?

Recently, Youtube star Logan Paul posted a graphic video displaying a man who hung himself in the Suicide Forest in Japan. Paul and friends found a man hung and vlogged it. The video showed Paul and his friends laughing at the man, Paul later explained this was his way of coping.

Youtube has recently put in strict rules and guidelines for videos that are posted. They have been demonizing videos with nudity or sexual content, harmful or dangerous content, hateful content, violent or graphic content, harassment or cyberbullying, spam, misleading metadata, scams, threats, copyright, privacy, impersonation, and child endangerment. Youtube has these strict guidelines, but instead of taking down Paul’s offensive video, they promoted it.

Paul later removed the video himself, not Youtube. Paul didn’t take down the video before it got over six million views. He still made a profit from the video. Logan is remotely one of the highest paid creators on Youtube. Mic editor, Alexis Kleinman says “It's not in YouTube's interest to interfere with Paul's videos since he is one of the site's most popular personalities.”

But they have been taking down videos from many high paid creators such as Tana Mongeau. Mongeau gets demonetized for her story times that she explains just with her words, but Paul who showed graphic content got promoted and payed. Youtube is now being questioned and this has a sparked a very heated debate.

Sophomore Skya Theobald had a horrified reaction to the news about Paul, saying she believes “People should think before they act. Logan disrespected the man, along with his family. In his apology he said he aimed to make his experience a message about suicide and ways to prevent it, but since he was laughing in the video, it came across like he was invalidating people who feel suicidal.”

Logan came out with two apologies, one a video and one a written message. In the written message he stated “I do sh*t every day. I’ve made a 15 minute TV show EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 460+ days. One may understand that it’s easy to get caught up in the moment without fully weighing out the ramifications.” He also said “I didn’t do it for views. I get views.”

Logan’s written apology didn’t come off genuine. It almost seemed as if he was trying to come up with an excuse for his actions. Many of his fans has taken a step back, and decided to no longer support logan, while others attempted to defend his actions.

Many believe the reason Logan came out with his second video apology was because the first one wasn’t genuine, and didn’t seem like Paul himself wrote it. He posted an apology video, and monetize it meaning he’d profit off the views.

I asked 30 kids around Harborfields if Logan Paul should be taken off youtube, and 20 kids said yes and 10 said no. The kids who said no said he shouldn’t be judged based off one mistake, but the ones who said yes said his actions were just too disgusting to bear. What do you think?

Sophia De Matteo