Recently the Golden Globes sparked an important discussion about sexual harassment. People attending the golden globes were encouraged to wear black to represent their support for the Time’s Up campaign.

One in every three women from the ages of 18-34 experience sexual abuse and/or harassment at work and don’t report it. This campaign was started due to the outburst of men in hollywood being called out for sexual misconduct. This campaign does not only apply to those in hollywood, but it was created based off all the buzz in the media.

They named the campaign Time’s Up to say that time’s up on silence, waiting, and tolerating sexual discrimination, harassment, and abuse. This campaign was also made to show support to those who came forward. Nearly 50% of women have experienced sexual harassment or abuse at their place of work.

This campaign's goal it to try and decrease that statistic to 0%. There's an imbalance of power in the workplace. This campaign is taking the first step to ending sexism. Each celebrities speech related immensely to the time’s up campaign. Such as Oprah who said during her speech for winning the Cecil B. DeMille award “For too long women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men.”

Oprah’s speech was empowering, and caused the whole audience to give a standing ovation. She touched on very important subject. Reese Witherspoon got to present the award to Oprah, and she talked to a array of people and asked them what they would say to Oprah if given the opportunity to meet her, most of them reportedly said they’d thank her.

Oprah reflected on how powerful it was watching Sidney Poitier win Best Actor at the Academy Awards in 1964 and to be honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award in 1982. She also said “There are some little girls watching as I become the first black woman to be given this same award.” We as a country have been indiating so many well needed changes. Although it’s not perfect, awarding a black women this important, influential award reflects the changes we’ve made for the better.

Junior Julia De Vita “The way Oprah was inspired by Sidney is how I feel about her. She makes me feel like I can do anything. She conveys important messages through her art. I think she tells really important stories, the messages conveyed through film are beyond words. The fact she’s winning an award for her ability to tell stories is another message. Oprah’s job is storytelling.”

People are constantly being inspired by Oprah, which is why she was honored with this award. She’s had a huge impact on the world. And her impact is what keeps people so inspired.

Sophia De Matteo