A Record Breaking Oscar Nomination

Oscar nominations were just announced and to women across the nation it has left them with a prideful impact they won’t forget. For the first time ever, a woman was nominated for Best Cinematography.

The Oscars have been an award show for ninety years, and it has taken this long to finally get some female representation in the cinematography category. Over the past few years, thankful women has been more represented as directors and having more influence in film and television, and this is the next big step.

The nominee of this award is Rachel Morrison who worked on a period drama called “Mudbound”. Her work on just the trailer released onto YouTube is immaculate and a real work of art.

This movie is being released on Netflix, and it is definitely something that many will not want to miss. It takes place during a time where segregation and discrimination was at a high peak and even with the few points in the trailer with this representation it is so moving and powerful.

Morrison said to the Hollywood Reporter, “Women are so qualified they should just go for it. It’s not just about cinematography, it’s about believing in yourself and that anything’s possible.” With so many women advocating for feminist movements and having more representation for themselves, this is a huge step toward getting more women not only involved with the industry, but giving them a voice in new places and allowing them to achieve new heights.

This film is sure to have some great camera work because of Rachel Morrison, and it gives Hollywood something to truly pay attention to. Women can do anything, and this is just another way to prove it.


Alexandra Palmieri