Bob Newby, Superhero

If you have seen season two of Stranger Things, you would recognize the name Bob Newby as a new, geeky, character who is in a relationship with our favorite fictional mother, Joyce Byers. Unfortunately, in episode eight, he is killed by Demo-Dogs as Dustin Henderson claims them to be.

    Sean Astin, an actor who has been in both the eighties movie, “The Goonies” and the adaptation of Tolkien’s books, “Lord Of The Rings” and “The Hobbit”, has portrayed a very much loved character who fans miss just as much — or maybe even more than – Barbara “Barb” Holland.

    Other than Barb, Bob has become one of the most popular characters who fans want to “protect” and think that he “deserved better”. A lot of fans were left heartbroken with the sudden death of the AV Club founder who just wanted to help out and protect Joyce and her family.

    In the wake of his death, the Stranger Things characters are left in shambles. Joyce is heartbroken after finally finding someone who cared about her so much, the main kids in the series, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin are left with the knowledge of who began the very club they adore so much, and everyone else is in shock with the aftermaths of what occurred in Hawkins Lab.

    Supposedly, Sean Astin said there’s, “a possibility that season 3 could include a little flashback or something.” Hopefully there is one so fans can see more into who Bob Newby was since we only got to see a small slice of his life.

    Bob is a truly charming character in this series. He is revealed to have also gone to school with Joyce and Hopper, and apparently had a huge crush on Joyce! It looks like someone was able to eventually get the girl, even for that short amount of time they were together.

    Not only did he treat Joyce right, but he dealt with Jonathan and Will amazingly. Jonathan of course being the reserved kind of guy he is does not get along too well with Bob, but they manage. Will more easily opens up to him and even receives advice from Bob on how to face his fears. That clearly didn’t work in his favor.

    A journalist, Tristram Fane Saunders writes, “But as the series wore on, and Bob’s dad-jokes continued to raise a smile, we began to understand what she saw in him, learning to look below the surface.” His analysis of Bob hits the nail right on the head. It tells what we are all think about the techie-nerd Bob Newby.

    Jen Chaney, who writes for also addressed why a lot of people are utterly obsessed with Bob. She also enjoyed his time on that show, and wrote, “I know this much: Bob will never be forgotten, not as long as we live in a world where the word easy is nerdily, endearingly, and inevitably followed by the word peasy.” Chaney is clearly aware of how much the fans never stop talking about Bob and how much he impacted the series on the few episodes he was in.

    He is a charming character with a heart of gold that stole everyone’s hearts. Bob Newby got to be his self-proclaimed title of a superhero when he saved Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Joyce Byers, and Jim Hopper from the Demo-Dogs in Hawkins Lab.


Alexandra Palmieri