Supersize vs. Superskinny

The hit British T.V. show, Supersize vs. Superskinny, featuring Doctor Christian Jessen, highlights the schism between the large and the small. In the show, patients are forced to examine their eating habits as well as the polar opposite of them. Then, patients are forced to completely switch diets with their opposites, which is the climax of the television show.

Super Skinnies, who often eat nothing but tea and coffee, are forced to eat 3-6 meals depending on the person, which can go up to 10s of thousands of calories a day. Likewise, the Supersized are forced to fast and eat very minimally, such as 2 single slices of toast a day.   

At the end of the show, patients come back, after adjusting their meal plan to be healthy, and remeet with their opposites to find them in their new bodies. Patients gain from 3-14 pounds and lose from 14-40 pounds. Senior Josh Mathews is one of the many who are fans of this addicting show. He stated, “I love this show so much it’s so good and crazy to see how people think the way they eat is normal until they’re literally forced to watch someone else eat what they eat.”

This show is culturally conscious of the obese epidemic that presides in the UK and the United State's. The patients are forced to see the consequences that was result if they continue their horrible eating habits. If you’re looking for a show to binge watch, this is it! You can find all episodes of 8 seasons on Youtube.


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Sarah-Elizabeth Leveque