Disney is Giving Netflix a Run for their Money

With the news that Disney will be launching its own streaming service (called “Disney+” according to Variety.com ) in the fall of 2019, many people are wondering what exactly will be streamed. Bob Iger, the chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company, says this service “will have the entire output of the studio, animation, live action at Disney, including Pixar, Star Wars and all the Marvel films.”

So what will happen to the Disney shows and movies that are already on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services? Disney says that all of the content will be taken off and put on this service. The only movies that won’t be put on are R-rated ones, which will be put exclusively on Hulu. Disney is really giving Netflix a run for their money.

And if that isn’t enough, Disney is aiming for the price of this service to be considerably lower than the ones of  Netflix. Netflix starts at $7.99 a month, and can get up to $13.99 a month, depending on the resolution you want or the number of people who can watch on separate devices at once.  From this, we can assume that Disney Play will at least cost around $4.99 a month and at most $10.99 a month.

Disney Play will also being offering new original shows and movies. Tomsguide.com added that  Disney says they’re, “...aiming to offer four to five original films and five TV shows for the streaming service.”

One of these shows that have already been announces is Jon Favreau's new Star Wars show, The Mandalorian. According to a post Favreau put on Instagram, the show will take place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Another series worth mentioning is a new addition onto the MCU. Fan favorites, Loki and Scarlet Witch are getting their own separate mini-series, with actors Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen reprising their roles. Sophomore Ella Lau says “Although Netflix has great shows available such as The 100 and Sherlock, I’m super excited for all of the original content Disney will be making.”

There will also be shows and movies based off existing content. Apparently, there will be shows based off of Monsters Inc., The Muppets, and High School Musical.  There will also be movies based off 3 Men and a Baby, Sword and the Stone, and Lady and the Tramp.

Senior Alexandra Palmieri brings up a good point about the service saying, “I think it’s going to be really interesting. It’s important for Disney to have their own streaming service since they’re such a big franchise.”

Disney states that this service will be launched on everything, such as Amazon Fire T.V. ,Apple T.V. and Roku.  In a Deadline report, it was said that Disney Play will, “start with a domestic service only, and then expand overseas.”

Many students are super excited for this platform to make its debut. One of these students is sophomore Emma Rose, saying, “This sounds so cool and I know I’m going to get it the second it comes out. We’ve been needing this forever.”

Disney is making a big move by creating this new platform. Can Netflix really stand a chance?