We Need To Talk About Amy Winehouse

In 2019, Amy Winehouse is set to tour via hologram. After the singers tragic death at twenty seven in 2011 shocked many, the Amy Winehouse Foundation was built. All proceeds made on this tour, will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The foundation was made to help fight the misuse of alcohol and drugs in the youth. The charity was created by Amy’s family.

In 2015, a documentary titled “Amy” was released, telling the gut wrenching story of Amy’s life and career leading up to her death. A relevant topic in the documentary was Amy’s eating disorder. Which, her mother did not take seriously at the time, describing it as her daughter’s new “diet”. The content released in the documentary although was difficult to listen to and watch, brought awareness to all the hardships in Amy’s life.

This continuous struggle in Amy’s life was revealed in the middle of the documentary, and for many of her fans was the first time they heard of her struggle. Her alcohol, and drug abuse was often overshadowed by her eating disorder. But, it is still as relevant of a topic in this century.

In the documentary Amy was shown getting attacked by paparazzi. The documentary showed Amy in a whole new light. She was shown as a victim. Her fans finally got to see her life behind the scenes. They were able to see what she dealt with on a day to day biais. The documentary displayed the struggles of being in the spotlife, and working too close to your family.

In the documentary Amy’s parents were portrayed as the antagonist. They controlled her career, and their relationship with their daughter became solely work, and no play. It brought a new understanding of why Amy’s life ended. She struggled with an eating disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, and displayed commonly throughout the documentary overwork. Since Amy’s relationship with her parents was overtaken by work, they were blinded to the weakness their daughter started to develop. Amy was a popstar, but that title came with it’s positives and negatives.

Sophomore Emily Heron described the events taken place throughout Amy’s life as “heartbreaking” adding she thinks “there is a possibility Amy’s parents are trying to right all their wrongs, with the upcoming tour.”

Although Amy had a troubling life, she was also given the opportunity to show the whole world her talent. Her legacy still lives on today, resulting in a tour via hologram. Amy Winehouse’s story serves as a lesson. It taught the world the result of not receiving proper treatment for serious problems. The Amy Winehouse Foundation although doesn’t help fight eating disorders, it does take a huge step in preventing drug and alcohol related deaths.

If you are planning on attending Amy’s tour via hologram, you will not only be able to see the singer back from the dead, but support a revolution.

Sophia De Matteo