Lyrical Art

Music in the hip-hop industry today is so popular is because today's generation has small brains, and the only music they like are songs with catchy tunes and words they can remember and sing back.

Many things are changing in hip-hop with applications like WorldStar; the thing about old school hip-hop is it was complicated, with robust rhyme schemes, lyrics describing their struggles with their environment and themselves, and rapping about making it from nothing and breaking the horrible cycle that slams poverty-stricken areas. Such albums include “king of memphis” by young dolph, “no hooks” 1 and 2 by lud foe, “don talk” by don Q cr5 by chinx also the R.E.D album by The game

Every musical genre goes through stages of progression, but hip-hop has been the one to evolve the most over the past 40 years. From boom-bap to gangsta rap, to auto-tune rap, to mumble rap, the genre has seen it all. Many people agree we need more rappers like offset or Don Q because if you  listen to these artists every single song has a message and tells a story. As Shawn Bholan, aka Bud Santana says: “We need more cats in the industry like me just put the pen to the paper and let your mind run free to the power of the beat.”