Comedy’s Finest: John Mulaney

John Mulaney Has recently finished his tour of Kid Gorgeous, a comedy special that has been loved, quoted, and praised for the past year. Selling out Radio City Music seven days consecutively, he’s a pretty big deal.

John Mulaney was was born in Chicago, Illinois and is the son of two lawyers. Growing up in a big city makes for good stories, John got a lot of his inspiration from his childhood experiences and his family. His dad wasn't necessarily warm and fuzzy and he hung out with the wrong crowd during high school.  His comedy bits are full of anecdotes from the times that he has blacked out from drinking or from when he has done crack cocaine. Shockingly, John admits he did not allow his recreational use of drugs affect his grades or appearance. His parents never new of his issues until further in his adult life when he told his  story on stage multiple times.Despite his “bad habits” he still managed to graduate high school and go on to greater things.

He went  to Georgetown University, majoring in English, which he will later refer to as the worst financial decision he ever made. He even does an entire bit dedicated to his time there in his special Kid Gorgeous. Explaining that the whole thing was a blur and, “Afour-year game show called Do My Friends Hate Me or Do I Just Need to Go to Sleep?” It is also where he met his long time friend and fellow comedian, Nick Kroll. The two have teamed up on many projects and have had great success working together on broadway’s “Oh Hello” and Nick Kroll’s newest project Big Mouth.

Victoria Nordin, a Harborfields student, says “John Mulaney has a type of charm to him, he can make me laugh no matter what kind of day i’m having.”She is not the only one who feels this way. He has touched many people of all ages through comedy, which takes hard work, determination, and good character. (Not sure if you need this past sentence)

John Mulaney’s past 3 shows have created a formula for destined success said Amanda Blitz, a fan of Mulaney’s work. New In Town, Comeback Kid, and Kid Gorgeous all consist of the same basis. Johns work has consistently contained anecdotes of his jewish wife, his dog petunia, and his uptight father.  These bits are looked forward to by fans and leave first time listeners in hysterics. He also has a knack for relating previous jokes to the one he is currently making. Allowing the audience to see the show come full circle. The “one black coffee” bit does just this is Comeback Kid, In New In Town the horse watching the dog is subtly referenced in a later story, and  the “ghost story” is mentioned twice in Kid Gorgeous. This formulated setup is responsible for John Mulaney’s success.

Making someone laugh for a living is an extremely risky career choice says Eva Pukke, an HF sophomore. During John Mulaney’s first stand up tour, at age 19,  one audience member yelled out to him “excuse me sir i think i speak for everyone here when I say we would all enjoy silence more than the sound of your voice.” This savage heckle did not affect John, clearly. Since this remark he has made great success and given joy to thousands.

Sarah DeVito