Winter Plunge into Netflix Binge-Watching

Who doesn’t love watching a good movie? During this time of the year, it seems like new movies just keep coming out. Whether it’s a holiday movie, a comedy, horror, action, or drama movie, theatres are crazy packed around this time of the year. There are all types of films released during this season. Not only in theaters, but on Netflix too.

With so many movies out, ticket sales have sparked, and films are frequently sold out. The local AMC Theatre in Huntington village is where many HF students go to watch newly released movies with family and friends. A sophomore student, Gavin Storch said, “Movies are sold out often and it stinks when you drive all the way to there and have to go home.”

The disappointment is real when you are looking forward to seeing a movie, and you get there, and it's sold out. But why go to a movie theater when you can pay as little as eight dollars a month. And on top of that, for those eight dollars, you have access to hundreds of movies and shows. It may be pricey per month to some, but for the amount of entertainment you get, it’s worth it. Going to movie theaters is fun and all, but Netflix is even better.

As well as new movies released in theaters, in recent years Netflix has branded their own line of movies and tv shows that are just a small portion of their endless selection of entertainment. Despite what many would think, these movies and shows are just like the movies that are released in theaters. The quality of these films is great. It’s so much easier to watch a movie on Netflix, at home, rather than leaving your house to pay over fifteen dollars to go to a theater.

Netflix produces many Emmy award-winning shows such as Stranger Things. They just finished filming their third season. Fans go crazy for this show. A big fan of Stranger Things, Jeffrey Wisoky, said, “It’s such a great show with unexpected turns. I wasn’t expecting such high quality when I first began watching it. I was gladly surprised.”

Especially with the cold weather and snow that is approaching us in the upcoming months, it's the ideal winter activity. Laying in bed, relaxing, watching a Netflix show or movie. On a cold, snowy day where the roads are icy, there is no need to go out to the movies. Michael Singer said, “I much prefer watching Netflix than going out and having to pay for a movie.” Staying inside and watching Netflix is so much easier. You may have to wait a few months to have a movie come out on Netflix, but the wait is worth it.

Mackenzie Jones