The Flash Family Drama

[Includes spoilers for Season 5]

The CW’s hit show, The Flash, started out with a bang when the main protagonists, Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen get a surprise visit from their daughter… from the future!

Ever since Nora Allen showed up in the present she has shown to be completely obsessed with her father, Barry Allen, but seems to be giving her mother the opposite treatment. [Spoiler Alert] In episode one of season five we learn that Nora grew up without her father so it makes sense that she wants to meet him.

In the year 2024  after a fight with the Reverse Flash, Barry disappears in a flash of light. Viewers have know about this since season one. The only difference is this time Nora shows his a different article, from 2049 titled, “25 Years Later; The Flash Still Missing.”

After learning this we understand why Nora would want to meet her father, but why give her mother such harsh treatment? In last weeks episode titled, “News Flash” we finally learn why.

According to Nora, future Iris had put a speed dampening chip in Nora, whom didn’t even know she had speed until six months before hand. Suddenly all the seemingly harsh words said to Iris make sense, but Iris doesn’t know how show could do something like that to her own daughter.

Sophomore Milena Albertson has some ideas, “I think Iris did it because if she lost her husband due to his powers it would make sense that she wouldn’t want to lose her daughter the same way.”

Hopefully in the upcoming episodes we learn more about Nora and Iris’s relationship and how it ended up being so rocky. Tune in on November 11th on the CW for the next episode!

Isabella Mule