Boy Erased: A Revolution

Telling the chilling story of a son outed to his parents about his sexuality, actor Lucas Hedges takes the Oscar nominee for best performance by an actor in a motion picture, drama for Boy Erased. Lucas Hedges played Garrard Conley, a gay boy forced through conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a practice used in attempts to change someone’s sexuality, using physiological or spiritual interventions. Already a hard to watch premise, there are many uncovered secrets that are revealed throughout the course of Boy Erased.

The movie is based on a true story. The real Garrard Conley wrote his story in a memoir, which inspired the film. Alongside Hedges, is actress Nicole Kidman and actor Russell Crowe, who play Conley’s strict Baptist parents. Garrard’s father, portrayed by Crowe, is a soon to be Baptist priest. Now that the movie is out to the public, and being discussed in the media, the real Garrard Conley said he does not blame his parents for what he went through, he said they simply put trust in the wrong people. His parents made a horrible mistake that could have costed Conley his life.

While watching movies with plot lines as tragic and gut wrenching as this one, we are often comforted by the fact movies are often fiction, but Boy Erased is non-fiction. Everything that happened in the movie, Conley experienced first hand.

As a girl from Long Island, New York, I wasn't familiar with the reality of conversion therapy. I had always heard of it, but I never knew how common of a practice it was. Conversion Therapy is still legal in 41 states. As well as Vice-President Michael Pence, advocating upon it. It is a disgusting reality, but as this movie makes it’s way around the world, with it it brings a revolution. It brings along with it a lesson, that no one, no matter their sexuality should ever be subjected to change themselves to fit society’s norm.

Growing up, you are always told to be yourself, which should include sexuality and gender identity. As the world continues to evolve, I hope that in society’s idea of being yourself includes sexuality, and gender identity. We have a lot of work to do, but movie’s like this, take the necessary steps to show the world the reality of the issue on hand.

If you decide to go see Boy Erased, you will be supporting a revolution.

Sophia De Matteo