The Oscars Hosting Scandal

News broke recently when comedian Kevin Hart announced he was stepping down from his role as host at the 2019 Oscars. This is because the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and other LGBTQ allies called him homophobic. Hart had tweeted anti-gay jokes back in 2011 and as these tweets came into the light he  respectfully stepped down, not wanting to start a controversy. Hart initially refused to apologize speaking out on instagram claiming “I’m almost 40 years old. If you don’t believe that people change, grow, evolve as they get older, I don’t know what to tell you.” Old material online has come to haunt many celebrities this past year. “The internet is a scary place and nothing can be truly erased” said HF student Mia Desidario. Hart is just the latest victim to be haunted by his past, but he handled the issue in a respectable manner.

Following the “#metoo” movement that has blown up over the course of the past year it has become clear that being racist, sexist, homophobic, or abusive in the world of Hollywood will not be tolerated. It is 2018 and people are beginning to pay for their actions, but at what cost? “Everyone makes mistakes” said Grace Pastorelli when discussing the topic. Celebrities can no longer afford to make mistakes, and mistakes from their past have been deemed unforgivable. Stars such as Isiah Williams, Kathy Griffin, and Harvey Weinstein have been blackballed in the media for their actions. These stars have made grave mistakes in their careers and it has cost them greatly.  Although, not all celebrities are in the same boat. Kevin Hart made a mistake many years ago in his past, similar to the case with Brett Kavanaugh, his actions were released to the public far later in his life. There is a large difference between being young, naive, and immature compared to being a bad human being. These lines have began to blur in the media as finger pointing becomes more popular. A tweet from 8 years ago will forever taint Kevin Hart’s career and he will now be remembered for his lapse in judgement instead of his years of honorable comedy.

The question everyone’s been asking is “who will take Kevin Hart’s place?” some say there won’t be a host at all and they’ll simply cut the opening number. Other celebrities are rumored to have been offered the role, such as comedian John Mulaney, who was a guest on Jimmy Fallon Monday night, where it was revealed his name is on a list of considered hosts.  Others have taken claim to the role such as characters George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon who, jokingly, tweeted “We were asked to host the Oscars and we have accepted. We are hosting the Oscars. Thank you to ABC and the Oscars. Who knows WHO will win? Maybe your favorite movie star. Tune in.” Although this tweet has not been confirmed many hope the news is true, as the dynamic duo did a fantastic job hosting the Spirit Awards earlier this year. One student here, Jackson McGill, said “I want Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to host because he’s charming, respectable, and an overall good dude.” In the end, The Oscars need a host who is free of scandal, keeps ratings high, and knows how to have a good time.

Sarah DeVito