Mama Mia's: Simple Mom and Pop Operation or Italian Food Extraordinare?

There is a certain silence that occurs when food comes to the table at a restaurant. Patrons are eager, servers are focused, and people dig in. Then, like a Hail Mary in football, things start to fall into place. The two components to the think about before someone eats, in my opinion it’s the service and the price. I stumbled in there at around 4:30 in the afternoon and was greeted immediately with a smile and a “What can I get for you sweetie?”. A slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza after a long day of work is a very satisfying thought, it was a little less satisfying to understand that $4.90 was the price of it.

I had asked for it to be warmed up slightly because it is detestable to eat a piece of pizza so hot that you can’t enjoy it. Being blunt, it took around 8 minutes to get it out of the oven, the cashier behind the counter just didn’t want to stop telling her colleagues about the riveting Edward Norton movie she watched the night prior! I had to continually stare at the cashier for a solid 45 seconds until she picked up on the idea that it was time to get the slice out of the oven.

I walked up to the counter and got it myself, which is expected in a take-out eatery. It put a big smile on my face to see that the slice was a lot bigger than it appeared behind the protective glass! Questioning myself if I should use a knife and fork, I just picked it up the old fashioned way and dove in. All of my doubts, wondering about the cleanliness, the ridiculous time it took the pizza out were ceased when I took my first bite.  The cheese to sauce ratio was outstanding, there was a thin line of sauce, and at least 2 handfuls of Mozzarella with buffalo chicken camouflaged in it. I would say that few critics are experienced enough to judge the dough quality, I may not be one, however one could tell that it was homemade and not frozen.

The slice was so thick and ample that I couldn’t finish it on an empty stomach! In conclusion, it was a great experience and I have no hesitation that I’ll be back in the near future. Two thumbs up!


Jack Blitch