Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer introduces an unexpected new romance

On January 15th, the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer released and with it came the beginnings of a shocking romance. No, we’re not talking about Peter and MJ or Ned and Betty. We’re talking about Aunt May and Tony Stark’s bodyguard and head of security, Happy Hogan.

At the beginning of the official trailer, we see Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) at a homeless shelter, with Spiderman giving a speech and Happy holding a big check. We then see Happy and May flirting, the two telling each other they look good, and Happy asking, “Is that a new dress?” Long story short, Peter was not to excited about this possible relationship.

Neither are some fans. Sophomore Ella Lau wasn’t exactly too thrilled, saying, “I thought it was kind of weird. I don’t like that relationship at all.”

Many fans were also confused with this relationship, as it seemingly came out of nowhere. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, these two characters didn’t speak one word to each other. I think Peter spoke for everyone when he exclaimed in the trailer,  “What just happened?”

Then again, Spider-Man: Far From Home does take place two years later, and a lot can happen in two years. Tony also made sure that Happy kept tabs on Peter, so I guess that’s how May and Happy started talking.

ScreenRant also brings up a good point as to why Marvel made them get together, saying, “Tying a veteran MCU character like Happy to Spider-Man's story through Aunt May could be an indication that the superhero is not leaving the franchise anytime soon…”

Marvel made a risky move putting these two characters together, and I guess we’ll just have to wait for the movie to be released to see if this choice pays off.

Sophia DiPrimaComment