Tom Holland and Zendaya: Hollywood's Favorite Couple?

While the relationship between actors Tom Holland and Zendaya isn’t really any of our business, fans can’t help but realize how close the celebrities have gotten over the years since the hit movie, Spider-man Homecoming, came out in July 2017.

Honestly it’s getting kind of creepy how much fans obsess over the “possible couple”. Either they have been a couple for the past 2 years and are just great at avoiding slipping up during interviews, or they are just really good friends. I mean it’s 2019 boys and girls should be able to be friends without everyone thinking they are dating.

Now, let’s get down to the evidence.


First and foremost let's talk about Skai Jackson’s mom. Skai Jackson played Zuri on the Disney Channel show, Jessie. On September 2nd, 2018 Just Jared’s instagram posted a picture of Zendaya with the caption, “#Zendaya celebrates her 22nd birthday in style with friends and family in London. Her #Spider-Man co-star and rumored real-life boyfriend Tom Holland was there for her special day!” While this doesn’t prove anything, it’s the comments made by Skai Jackson’s mom, Kiya Cole, but also Zendaya’s stylist, Law Roach, that made fans excitingly suspicious.

Replying to a comment made by user @sebastianstan.spam who said, “Rumored boyfriend hahaha y’all dream too much,” Kiya responded, “Yes. It’s true. They’ve been on the low for a while.” First of all Kiya, it’s really none of your business to be commenting about other people’s relationships, but secondly, thank you. With tensions rising and rumors flying, Zendaya’s stylist responded, “Really ? And how would you know.” To make matters even WORSE, Zendaya’s mom posted a picture on her instagram that said, “A wise woman once said nothing!” In this post she herself drew in the exclamation point and “woman” (as the picture originally said man) clearly referring to the comments made by Kiya Cole. On top of that, the caption for the post was, “#truth #butiwanttobepetty.” Included in the damage control, Law deleted his comment and Kiya Cole claimed she was hacked, but this however is doubtful as she posted a picture of herself on her instagram story during this time.

Student Milena Albertson says, “I feel like this was just a mistake that blew up out of proportion because of how things can turn quickly turn to gossip online, maybe it was even a publicity stunt, you never know these days.”

Continuing with these romance rumors: there are videos online of Tom Holland at Zendaya’s house for not only Thanksgiving but also other holidays too. On top of this Tom and Zendaya both gave each other individual birthday posts while the other co-stars of the Spider-Man movie only got shoutouts on their instagram stories...suspicious.

Student Colette Albertson said, “I love Peter and MJ in the Spiderman universe so I’m very excited to see the relationship on screen between Tom and Zendaya’s characters in the upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Though the stars have frequently tried to show that they are just good friends. When @Teen on Twitter tweeted, “So @people is reporting that #SpiderManHomecoming stars Tom Holland & Zendaya are dating IRL. BRB, gonna freak out.” Zendaya responded, “Wait favorite is when it says we go on vacations together HA! I haven't been on a vacation in years! Hbu @TomHolland1996 ???” Clearly letting fans know that they are good friends and nothing more. I guess only time will tell if the co-stars are actually in a relationship or not!

Sophomore Ella Lau stated, “I think that if they were dating it would be adorable, but if they are just really good friends and the public keeps on shipping them thing are going to get awkward real fast.” Though it seems that the stars have remained close friends even after all of the rumors about them, for the true fans of Tom and Zendaya, that’s good enough for us.

~Sophia DiPrima

Image sources: Variety, PageSix.

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