iOS 10.3... Where YOU Want to be!

Economically speaking, the Apple industry has been in the black recently. It was only since last October that Apple released iOS 10.2 for their latest Apple products and software. If there is anything that Apple can be guilty of, it’s providing constant updates almost on the quarterly.

As of this very moment, iOS 10.3 is in its beta phase and it is available to anyone with a supported Apple device. But warning to anyone who downloads this. Like any pre-release beta product, these softwares could malfunction and possibly damage your expensive phone.

One of the most advertised features of the latest iOS 10.3 is its ability to find your EarPods/Apple Devices, which are Apple’s specially designed wireless earbuds that consumers have been scared of losing in this big, wide world.

Another few features of this latest iOS is the ability to quickly find the scores of an occurring or old cricket sporting event, it allows for quicker and easier access to all of your favorite/most used apps, an all new updated cloud feature, and the best of all the software will update you on the weather on the hourly. Scoot over Haseeb!

How will the student body react to this latest Apple tech however. Senior Harrison Crawford said, “Even though I am a dedicated Android user, iOS 10.3 looks reliable and  pretty decent.” However HF Weatherman Haseeb Altaf thinks differently, “There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between this and previous updates. They roll these out to confuse the general public.”

Our own English teacher, Mr. Ambrosio, had a more cautious approach to iOS 10.3. “I prefer to wait several weeks before i download any new updates. There is no sense in downloading something that is most likely going to be buggy.”

There you have it, faithful readers, if you’re getting the latest iOS 10.3 beta, make sure to be careful as you enjoy all of its prettiness.